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tv   [untitled]    July 15, 2011 4:01am-4:31am EDT

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to gain from murdoch's empire crumbling the b.b.c. could retake t.v. territory lost to b. sky b. and the labor party which was wounded by years of relentless attacks by murdoch papers can finally take revenge but where will all this lead. now. do you. see. that we should be. producing. all. this. you know. that would suit the government just fine the british press is famous for it shop teeth and no holds barred doggedness particularly where its own government is concerned prime minister david cameron has all but shut down the press complaints commission and already talks of statutory controls to govern print
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journalists back in springfield mr burns's thwarted as the townspeople put up their own newspaper and he's almost right we. can truly the media because of rupert murdoch he is one beautiful man murdoch found as did mr burns that you just can't buy all the newspapers those outside his control have been gunning for him think it is and this time they may have succeeded just as he looks set to consolidate control over a lot section of the u.k.'s media markets the drugs being pulled out from under him and it's all over the hidden scandal now revealed that the police have known about it for years nor ever its own. art has been hearing how the culture of control by the murder got out of hand brian dr who runs a t.v. network for social activists there are pair. rose with some nations wider imperial
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ambitions. you can make an analogy i think on an international scale between what happens in take over so the united states and britain took over iraq and who do they bring the power who they employ they employ close loans and i think that same thing has happened in the tabloids where you have a man's power and again some murdoch and a few of the other barons and who they hire what type of boat they hire not painting every journalist with that brush of thuggery but certainly if you look at murdoch whether it's on television where you've got paid burma with sas and some like o'reilly and hannity and united states i don't know about in britain. it's a whole culture of power and control and deception for an agenda and that agenda i think is the agenda. ours both in britain and the united states. and we've
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more of a reaction and analysis on the. dot com here's what else we've lined up for you today. names floated the idea of putting the discovery of why the russian he ams been given the bond treatment on billboards in moscow also online. the creatures in crisis is a ferret a parrot and a monkey escaped from a siberian circus seemingly because the bad sour weather is getting them down more on the ferry friends cluster at r.t. dot com. drastic spending cuts are on the way in italy as parliament desperately tries to fan off a spiraling debt crisis it all bodes badly for the euro italy's finance minister even compare the currencies troubles to the titanic but as financial writer patrick
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young told us the government may find itself in conflict with a public that's dead set against cuts. there will be one significant difference between the people who take to the streets between greece and italy and others that greece at least thank goodness the taxi drivers don't go on strike where is nuclei expected almost everybody is going to end up on strike and it's going to be absolutely chaotic the only way they can slip this through is perhaps because we do have this long lead in time until the cuts really start to make an impact in two thousand and thirteen but i think the problem is in the meantime a large amount of the sort of the leftist opposition in italy for see the fact that silvio berlusconi due to many of the reasons most of which are outside of the direct for school reason are involved i mean he's a wounded animal at this point in time and in some ways i think that he's going to be finding it very difficult to hold his government together there are big problems in western europe behave them to be here definitely to the east everyone not so
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fortunately expect further to the prices because the epidemic the contagion seems to be spreading and we have no political leadership seeming to do with it. and in today's you know about his gas discussed why the ears leadership is so adamant about saving the euro and cost here's some of what's coming up at eleven thirty g.m.t. . let greece go bankrupt it would be good for greece it would be good for the europe it'd be good for the world if greece went bankrupt and rose to the pay their bills and stop a lie then you would have everybody would know it's a strong sound currency based on a strong sound economy while i'm out and go bankrupt listen in in america we've had . cities go bankrupt we've had counties go bankrupt it didn't in the united states and it didn't in the us tell you why because of the four hundred billion dollars of debt that greece has fifty percent is held by german and french banks and those countries don't want to take
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a second in the financial markets it's that simple. and. there are clear reflections on the other side of the atlantic to president obama has given an unyielding u.s. congress thirty six hours to raise the country's debt ceiling deadlocks already spurred two of the three major credit rating agencies to threaten downgrading america's triple a status but investment alice maxwell tells r.t. that washington's addiction to dad is clouding both sides appetite for real solution. america's been running on debt for years this is a disaster in the making and i would liken this situation here to a cancerous tumor inside a body there's no better time to cut the cancerous tumor out quickly as you possibly care that the u.s. government has been running on debt for many many years and we've been raising the
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budget the total debt ceiling for many many years as a budget issue and we've successfully deals struck it has become the political nor in the united states that whatever party is in the white house. has to ask to raise the debt ceiling it's always been raised in the past the party that's not in the white house that's out of power screams and yells for three or four days at most usually about how the government spending too much and should live within its means the debt ceiling demand gets raised and it's business as usual that's been the case for thirty years so we have one side in the congress right now that's the cited no increase in revenue is acceptable other side decided that not raising revenue is unacceptable and so we've reached an embarrassing impasse that has dragged on for weeks longer than it should and is the reason that we're going to see the growing chorus of foreign and domestic voices urging congress and the white house to stop riling already strained global markets with a political impasse despite treaties and agreements to curb the spread of nuclear
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weapons governments keep investing in perfecting their arsenals and for some activists the danger will remain for as long as people remain apophatic later today our special report tells the story of citizen crusaders have hoped to sound a wake up call for countries refusing to relinquish nuclear weapons. with the end of the war and the going away of the so. many people thought that nuclear weapons disappeared. the risk is not zero that something might be going off by mistake especially with nuclear weapons on hair trigger alert. to use it as a threat. as an extra. you know if you keep spending a trillion dollars a year on weapons of venture you're going to blow everybody up you know people are dying from these weapons but until we actually see if people don't wake up through what will be. that represents all of the firepower of the second
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world war this second sound is the equivalent firepower of the world's nuclear arsenal today. arrest warrants have been issued for the captains of two vessels which passed by the sunken volga river cruise ship without stopping to help survivors they will reportedly face negligence charges it comes just a day after two people linked to the disaster were arrested. the head of the for around which rented out the vessel and the registrar who certified the ship are suspected of violating safety regulations resulting in the deaths of severely overloaded cruiser went down on sunday in russia's republic of tatarstan killing at least one hundred fourteen people including twenty seven children the sunken ship
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is to be broad's to the surface within the next few days already spoke to the captain of a vessel which came to eight of the survivors. because we were nearing the site we began to figure out how many people there were in the water hold it was hard to do because there was a lot of raw. floating around as well it was very hard to pick out individual people from among the florida debris some people were in dreadful condition mean you were injured or all over their skin because when the ship sank the fuel oil came up to the surface and spread everywhere and covered the people that made the rescue even harder because the oil made the victims greasy and hard to get a hold to pull them on board sheen children and that condition that was particularly heart breaking. the full interview with the captain many in the country are considered heroes online right now dot com. the u.s. may want to be seen as the world's human rights advocate but
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a helmet faces growing accusations of hypocrisy thousands of professional torturers have reportedly been trained over the past sixty years was department of defense approval at a scale in ford found out it's ready to export its entering expertise. it's been thirty years since colombian soldiers kidnapped be starved and electroshock tech there are all for having a quote subversive book. with the memories he lives every day people have survived torture i'm very lucky to be able to tell the story. people get told to for. they get shot and kill many have been appear hector says the colombian soldiers who tortured him and later killed his brother. were trained right here on american soil at the school of the americas and for benning georgia army major joyce of blair was an instructor there i was very much in favor
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of the school of the americas during the cold war era but major blair says he was horrified with what his former students did with their anti-communist training in their own country the classified. army. the words. next door. assassinate. commonly. called waits for. graduates from the school of the americas have been implicated in massacres and torture throughout the hemisphere of the more than sixty thousand soldiers and police to have graduated ten thousand of them have been colombia it has been the largest user of the school of the americas i don't think it's an accident. abuser of human rights in that with some hemisphere the eighth amendment to the us constitution forbids torture and other forms of cruel and unusual punishment as does the geneva convention but they did happen there's no question
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that our country gage and torture and so taught others how to do it we also rendered people we also sent people to prisons in other countries where they were in fact torture there although congress demanded more oversight of military training programs an internal investigation by the government accountability office showed that school of the americas manuals advocated using quote torture truth serum blackmail and execution the pentagon said it didn't know what the manuals contained because it staff advisors assigned to review them didn't speak spanish united nations special repertoire for torture one mendez himself a survivor of torture says a lack of transparency in the u.s. led to further abuse in the eighty's unfortunately. the military police say it was restored and after that it's been difficult to document to what extent that includes teaching. techniques that are prohibited by law by international law it's a legacy that sharply contrast with u.s.
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rhetoric about respect for human rights abroad torture survivors and religious leaders in washington d.c. have come together to demand a full commission of inquiry into what they describe as torture practiced or enabled by the united states including in its own prisons like one time obey and by the cia when president bush sends. and he waterboard and he would do it again. and he said damn right that he had ordered it. so you know it's a very serious problem for the spirit so we're country as the myth of how many prisoners were tortured by the united states are hard to find but survivors like hector's say the numbers don't tell the full story when someone gets torture not only the person who. has to deal with the big wouldn't because of those on the torture is also someone who has to be humanized themselves in order through the human eyes and all of human beings but a society that supports torture is going to pay a price the price as well killing ford r. t. washington d.c. . as the u.s.
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expands its antiterrorist now work abroad there are now reports of secret prisons in somalia sights officially belong to local security forces but are run and paid for by the cia journalist jeremy scahill has as he has visited the prisons adding that america's mainstream media makes it hard to report on what's really going on there. inside this dungeon prison there are no windows there's no sunlight there's a bedbug infestation according to prisoners who've been there mosquitoes all over the place the air is thick and disgusting some prisoners are said to be losing their minds there are also reports from prisoners that there were very young boys inside of the prison some people have been held for eighteen months without charge without access to lawyers without access to the red cross in fact the red cross told me that they were not aware of the prison and that they have never been given access to it i know for a fact that journalists from several major american news outlets were aware of
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these facilities in mogadishu and it's for those networks to answer why they've never reported on it both c.n.n. and a.b.c. have allowed their facilities their media outlets to be used as conveyer belts for the spin of the cia and. it's the job of the cia and they do it well but the job of major media outlets should not be to be a conveyor belt for the propaganda of u.s. intelligence agencies so i would leave those those questions for other media outlets as to why they're not reporting on this very serious life and death issue that has to do very much with the rule of law in this country and whether or not there's been any change when it comes to respect of international human rights laws and standards. so take a look at some other stories from around the world in a pentagon has admitted suffering one of its largest ever happier attacks with thousands of sensitive fans. deputy defense secretary william lynn says all the data was taken in a single intrusion in march officials blame an unspecified foreign government and
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comes after revealing a new internet strategy which treats cyberspace as operational terrain like land air and sea. thousands of pro-government libyans have rallied in a town west of tripoli to express support for colonel gadhafi and to demand that nato stops its military campaign meanwhile rebels are converting factories into arms workshops to build weapons from scratch as they struggle from lack of them else word to libya contact group of nations arab countries and other states is meeting in turkey to find a political solution to the five months long conflict. mexico's biggest ever of marijuana plantation has been discovered by authorities two hundred fifty kilometers south of the us border it covers one hundred twenty actors and is watered by an advanced irrigation system last year investigators found a tunnel running from mexico to the u.s.
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that was fitted out with a winding ventilation and a railway to transport drugs also uncovered forty tons of marwan. turnout for a business of day dmitri's here with us in the studio. thank you russia's largest bank is expanding into europe has agreed to buy the eastern european unit of austria spoke spec international that was the first acquisition of its kind by russian bank for the details of course live with business on the political standing right outside. as other good to see you why is burbank boiling. business from bank international. it will be very very close purchase outside the former soviet union was quite clear it was very hard to the council in the eastern europe it's markets is still very very similar to russia and the c.i.s.
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markets around the above bank itself is a very lucrative target for spare bank as it has a wide network of branches across nine contras in central and eastern europe what we know by now is that the today's better bank made dolls approaches all eight hundred percent of the eastern european unit also holds bank international prestige made the eight hundred and forty million dollars and it will now here at bet banks and have all those waiting for the had a bank get money could have to give off all the details of the op coming to look at so you know ok thank you and we will indeed with for those comments from the management of the sperm bank on the deal thank you so much. let's take a look at the markets now we start with the commodities and oil has actually changed the pace and direction pretty much it's going down now investors however are suspecting that fuel consumption may climb in the future that said reports that may show industrial production increased in june and consumer confidence improved
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but the dollar is a gaining strength and therefore oil is actually going down this hour. european markets opened on the negative note the fourth seed down the half a percent back so point six percent mainly auto makers down in germany after a pretty strong session the previous day. now it's moved to russia and the situation here pretty much the same after a very slightly positive session on thursday friday is also seeing a correction in the r.t.s. cent and the my six one for the cent let's move to the stocks now and energy shares are actually showing moderate losses basically on the declining price of crude banks all mixed b.c.b.s. losing point eight percent wells blurbing is actually well seeing some support at this point four percent as we hear more details about this upcoming deal with the
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world bank international. call from also capital expects the markets in russia to end the week as they began characterized by low volumes and high volatility. i believe that on friday nothing would change except the fact that it's friday people are generally more cautious than friday to take on position consumers probably the markets will be even through the pressure but again we think the rule over the next few weeks was thinking pretty narrow trading range most of. the statements of the us. political and economic establishment regarding the the possibility of the quantity freezing and regarding the station with here's their. gold prices are coming down slightly after hitting a record high on thursday investors looking for safe havens from the storm brewing in the world's biggest economies now seen as
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a traditional store of value gold is being driven by concerns over the u.s. debt situation and the prospect the federal reserve will print yet more dollars models advancing years later eighty years capital believes there's no limit to the current rally it did look like a few weeks ago that the price of gold was going to come in lower but when you're starting to see increased eurozone concerns increased inflationary concerns the prospect of more quantitative easing more stimulus spending from the from the federal reserve we thought that that finished at the end of june now in the last couple of days or so there's an increased likelihood that the federal reserve could start to print more money and that is going to go into areas it's going to go to gold and into equities are most likely gold at the moment so obviously sixteen hundred dollars would be an obvious level for gold to hit and then you start to see some profit being taken off the table but then you could push through that and there's no ceiling you could carry on going to seven hundred eighteen hundred
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dollars. man those leather while they're from e.t. x. capital with his comments and a business out see we'll be back in fifty minutes time with an update but you can always log onto a website for was less business for the latest stories and markets cosmo in the sex with headlines to say without the.
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welcome to the. what makes a big splash in the world of high tech business what turns events science into i can't you products they don't understand oh boy he's he's got he followed russian innovators to easy bidders and brought in their big breakthrough back. sunlight on stone on technology update here on. we've got the future covered.
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alex just. nature and discover is abusing. a communicate with the wild. and become free. see what nature can give you. a hint.
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welcome back you're watching ninety going to live from moscow and these are the top stories media mogul rupert murdoch is on the offensive claiming news corp made only minor mistakes even as you have moved in over the possible phone hacking of nine eleven victims. and the e.u. scrambles to cut spending as a dad hole sweeping the blogs threatens to sink its the greatest test yet for the leadership's efforts to keep them wavering currency alive. america's two faced torture tactics rising uproar over the us training and exporting brutal interrogators while preaching human rights to the rest of the world. on fifteen minutes di will have
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a sports update with ender farmer next there are teams martin andrews takes us to remand to tour russia's northern capital. hello and welcome to the program i was at the sheriff from st petersburg will be exploring the pits the rest allows the never river i'm very small to transport also known as the venice of the north the waterways of the focal points of the city during the summer months are a great way to see that. many of simply displaced churches cathedrals and museums are visible from the canal trip of the stone to staying in the city may be an ideal
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way of deciding to enjoy a visit. piece the great grand vision of the city is to create a window to your. promise one piece scarcely populated region the area became a fine european capital. spend another expensive construction of lavish palaces on the banks of the countless channels cutting through the city such great architects as risk truly. helps bring the dream to life centuries later as you can see in the day st petersburg the old ways and bridges still dominates the capital perched on the banks of the never river you can see how the city is set up in very spot crisscrossed by canals. the whole atmosphere. as they call us and i think it's just amazing you can take a party down the river and they can all spend the night time frame a nice and if you want to feel a bit more to do something more special.


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